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Rilevazione Automatica Intensità di flusso Luminoso

The RAIL project (Bigger Data) aims to research and prototype an integrated system for georeferenced detection of light intensity levels emitted by street lighting systems, in order to provide useful information for a timely and efficient maintenance thereof, as well as to help improve road safety. All the data acquired by the instrumentation are processed and directed to a database to be used as primary data for purposes of social utility and value-added applications, developed by and for companies that provide public services.

During the daytime hours, it is possible to detect the nature and the encumbrance of possible obstacles in correspondence of the light cone generated by the luminous body during the hours of nighttime operation. At the same time, erroneous system start-up programs are verified, which allows reporting the anomaly in real time.

The images and data acquired during the night hours allow to check the operating status of the individual luminous body or a possible reduction of the illuminating power, due to degradation or malfunction of the lamp. Furthermore, the comparison of the position data recorded during the daytime hours is performed in order to improve the centering on the territorial map.

Examples of interactive maps produced by the system:

1) With the only geolocation of luminous bodies in the daytime hours (left)

2) With the detection of the detected illumination level (right)



Light poles detected
Automatic detection of street light GPS position.

  • GPS Coordinates
  • Height above mean sea level
  • Lux
An ALERT is sent to:

  • Utility Company
  • Maintenance Team
  • Service Provider


When the Rail system find a Broken lamp/ Low light level, the system automatic will SAVE the data and SEND an ALERT
The system automatic will make a BACKUP of all collected data
The system automatic will make and send a DATA REPORT
RAIL graphically represents the geographic information systems of the location and the level of illumination

RAIL is activated on a traditional vehicle, without the need for modifications to the structure or equipment. The image capture and positioning module records the data and storing it in real time..

Detects: GPS coordinates, Height, Light intensity emitted by the light poles of the street lighting systems.

If a lamp failure or low light intensity is detected, RAIL sends an alarm message to the management service, the maintenance team, and the supply service.

It performs the sorting and archiving of all the data collected, in CSV and ODS format.

Prepare and send the report of the acquired data, allowing the acquisition by a remote relational database.

Graphically represents the position and level of illumination on the roadway on the GIS systems.

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