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Several companies and organizations gave us the great opportunity to design and prototype their project ideas as they needed either a Proof of Concept or a working prototype for a captivating demonstration to their stakeholders.


Sirran conceives a very effective energy saving system for vessels relying on Physics of Fluid. It enables a technique to cut friction drag while the vessels sails.

Sirran allows to obtain a remarkable impact on fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.


Majordomo brings you a brand new way to monitor your home and operate your electrical appliances, even if they are not natively suitable for smart use.

Majordomo only requires a first and one-time setup thanks to the proprietary Smart Sense Technology. It will learn from your behavior seamlessly.


Snappyleaf is an easy-to-use and stylish device that continuously and silently monitors essential information inside and around showcases and displays. Snappyleaf also allows to remotely oversee and control showcases and displays in order to cut down energy usage and bills.


WeFree is a proprietary technology enhancement especially designed to improve the energy transfer over the resonant inductive coupling in wireless charging products. In short, you will enjoy more power in less time than ever so as to refill your gadget battery in a more efficient way with no cables.


Karyni is a multi-band MicroPython / Arduino / C / Javascript enabled development board (WiFi, Bluetooth) compatible with Linux, Mac, Windows (including x86 and Arm). Multisensor equipped it is perfect development grade IoT platform for your connected Things. With the latest WROOM-32 chipset Karyni offers a perfect combination of power, friendliness and flexibility. Create and connect your portable things everywhere.

Rail (Bigger Data)

Rail is a prototype of an integrated system for georeferenced detection of the levels of light intensity emitted by the street lighting systems, in order to provide useful information for a timely and efficient maintenance of the public lighting and help improve road safety. Learn more about Rail.

Trakkem pro

Gives you the ability to continuously monitor the status of your shipment at every point of its journey. With continuous and timely updates, you can track the status of your shipment remotely via any device (laptop, tablet or smartphone). With our Trakkem Pro service, your company is choosing the best Logistics 4.0 business intelligence tool available. Learn more about Trakkem Pro.

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