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At Intelener, we advance, mature, and grow technology projects, utilizing Technology Readiness Levels and Market Readiness Levels. Unlock your potential today.

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For the past decade, Intelener has been dedicated to connecting people and technology. We help our customers advance, mature, and grow their technology projects, using Technology Readiness Levels and Market Readiness Levels as catalysts to success.

Technology Readiness Levels

Advance your Technology Readiness Levels for a smooth transition into successful products and services.

Market Readiness Levels

Take your solutions to the Market Readiness Level you need and unlock its go-to-market and growth potential.

MRL Services
TRL 1 to TRL 5
A smart camera that can protect people and assets without putting privacy at risk. Beetle allows you to record video anywhere, no installation needed, and with a unique data encryption feature.
TRL 1 to TRL 4
High Fidelity, audiophile DAC vault based on SBC. Small with mighty in-sound quality. Capable of storing lossless compression digital audio.
Piggy sat
TRL 2 to TRL 8
An extremely low-cost satellite receiver that can be mounted in transportation vehicles for bottom-up fleet management.
SD lightfeed
TRL 2 to TRL 4
Understand the present status of ongoing I/O operations and learn about diagnostic issues that might affect data.
Cold storage unit
TRL 3 to TRL 5
Industrial grade mass storage units, specifically designed to meet the increasing demand for low-cost, long-term storage.
Smart valve
TRL 2 to TRL 6
Custom IoT-based thermostatic valve, designed to reduce a building's CO2 emissions. Interactive because of the ability to learn from human habits.
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