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Build upon ideas

Intelener is the one-stop-shop for research, development, go-to-market, and growth of hardware & software solutions. We turn ideas into products and Services.

About us

About us

Since our start in 2011, we have continuously challenged ourselves to stay on top
of emerging technologies, so that we can help our customers and our partners turn their
innovative ideas into products, services, and solutions that reshape the marketplace.

Our dynamic team of experts have launched numerous software platforms,
algorithms, custom hardware, and integrated solutions.

Our forte lies in hardware and software engineering, product design,
and business management, with a strong focus on tailor-made solutions
based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Our values

As a dynamic team of engineers, computer scientists, designers, marketeers,
and other experts, we love to innovate and exceed expectations.
We focus on solutions, challenging both your ideas and our own,
to push the boundaries of what’s possible. We believe in transparency
and creating meaningful relationships to deliver exceptional results.


Our mission

Intelener builds upon ideas. The development of new technologies takes time and effort and often involves risk-taking and trial & error. 

For an idea to reach its full maturity, we believe that a stepwise and consistent execution is essential. 

Our mission is to create actionable development, innovation, and marketing strategies to help any technology project succeed and transition into successful long lasting partnerships.


Team competencies

Software Engineering
Software Engineering 41%

50+ years spent in Code Design, Software QA, PhD, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Modelling

Industrial and Graphic Design
Industrial and Graphic Design 19%

10+ years spent in UI/UX and advanced 3D projects

Management 18%

30+ years spent among MNCs and Startups

Business, Legal and Industrial advice
Business, Legal and Industrial advice 13%

20+ years spent in Primary Business Roles

Staff 9%

10+ years spent in Administrative Support and Office Management


A long-lasting battery-backed device that wirelessly monitors temperature and humidity in fridges and refrigerator showcases.

Smart Valve

Custom IoT-based thermostatic valve, designed to reduce the building’s CO2 emissions. Interactive because of the ability to learn from human habits.

Cold StorageUnit

Industrial grade mass storage units, specifically designed to meet the increasing demand for low-cost, long-term storage.

SD Lightfeed

Understand the present status of ongoing I/O operations and learn about diagnostic issues that might affect data.

Piggy Sat

An extremely low-cost satellite receiver that can be mounted in transportation vehicles for bottom-up fleet management.


High Fidelity, audiophile DAC vault based on SBC. Small with mighty in-sound quality. Capable of storing lossless compressed digital audio.


For the past decade, Intelener has been dedicated to connecting people and technology by developing platforms, algorithms, custom hardware and more.

Intelener is born

From the beginning, Intelener set out to be a different kind of knowledge based company. The first notable project named Majordomo was related to Ambient Intelligence monitoring and control.

Intelener opens its second office

After two years the main lab was transferred to the Italtel industrial site in Carini, where most of the projects were conceived and pushed to prototyping.

Intelener expands its team and portfolio

More valuable people joined the Intelener team, enriching the organization skill set and overall innovation grade. New products and services were launched and successfully adopted by customers.

Intelener survives and gets stronger

Despite the market suffering its worst year since the global financial crisis, company management adapted the business model to welcome new challenges proposed by customers.

Intelener enhanced its liquid team organization

Due to the worst pandemic event in the past century, it was necessary to adapt the business model and the team organization once more, in order to keep the business ongoing despite the lockdown and the subsequent market shrinkage. The Technology Readiness Services were introduced.

Intelener expands to The Netherlands

After years of successfully creating hardware and software solutions, Intelener decided to open its commercial department to help customers with sales & marketing activities through the Market Readiness Services, both from Italy and the new office in the Netherlands.

Intelener expands its team once more

As part of its commitment to delivering even better services, Intelener made strategic investments and expanded the talented team. This expansion reflects the dedication to providing customers with top-notch solutions and unmatched expertise..

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